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Wall decoration DRUCIAK MAP L
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Wall decoration inspired by world map - size 250x150cm

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Decoration inspired by the shape of the world map.
Made by hand from black steel wire, this world map allows you to attach your holiday keepsakes,
like photos, to remind your of where you’ve been. The product is made by hand, therefore, the size
and shape of the welded joints may slightly differ from each other. This is an inherent feature handcreated items and indicates their original character.
The map consists of 7 major components. The suggested method of assembling the suspension
map on the black screws (not included with the kit, should be individualized to the wall material) and securing by the black cable ties (according to the instructions included with the kit). It is
recommended that every major component was fitted with at least 3 points, and a small two -
including a whole requires a min. 31 pieces. To emphasize the advantages of decorative and
functional maps should be fixed in the distance from the wall. The map can also be suspended on
wall hooks or other slings, but no guarantee is presented effect.

Material: 3mm steel wire, hand-welded construction, powder painted
Colour: black
External dimensions (length. x width.): S 250cm x 150cm



Powder coated steel wire
Wire thickness

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Wall decoration DRUCIAK MAP L
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